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Lanlord is DHCP lease tracker designed to run as a CGI program. Written in Python, Lanlord is an easy to install and run.

Lanlord.cgi needs to be placed on your servers cgi-bin directory (don't forget to make it executable!) and make sure the LeaseFile variable points to where your dhcpd.leases file is located.

What is DHCP?? Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol allows hosts on a network to get an IP number at boot time. Someone does not have to assign an IP number to a particular system and the system 'leases' the IP only as long as needed. This makes network management much easier.

An example of the output

DHCP Lease Report for Tuesday March 2nd 07:54:19 AM 2000 on shell1.i.sourceforge.net

4 leases
IP Address HostnameLease Start Lease End MAC AddressEther/Token
999.666.107.158 P0910 Wed 07:17:35 2000/01/05 Tue 04:57:35 2000/01/11 00:08:c7:a3:32:d8 ethernet
999.666.107.163 P0226 Tue 07:41:59 2000/01/04 Mon 05:21:59 2000/01/10 00:10:5a:f2:0a:42 ethernet
999.666.107.164 P0240 Tue 03:17:42 2000/01/04 Mon 00:57:42 2000/01/10 00:10:5a:f2:0b:34 ethernet
999.666.107.166 P0496 Tue 03:17:23 2000/01/04 Mon 00:57:23 2000/01/10 00:10:5a:f2:0d:40 ethernet

Note: Lease times are im GMT

Lanlord v.3 made this report

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